Common Streaming App Problems to Avoid

There are so many streaming apps out there that unless you are very discerning it is highly likely that you would end up downloading one that has a great deal of problems attached to it. There are two main problems that would really mess up your experience, and if an app you have downloaded has these problems then you should delete it immediately and look for something better.

The first problem you might face has to do with user interface. If your app does not have a user interface you can get quite annoyed because you would have to put so much effort into watching your favorite shows, something that should be made possible in just a few taps.

Additionally, a lot of streaming apps have very low quality streams. Even if you are watching it on Netflix in 1080p, the app would broadcast a lower resolution to your TV. Similarly, a lot of apps tend to get stuck while showing high quality content, showing you more of an HD clip show rather than a motion picture.

A final problem that a lot of apps have that should make you avoid them is making you pay a registration fee. Mobdro for iPhone is perhaps the best streaming app out there and it does not charge you anything. You only have to pay if you want to stop seeing ads, and these ads are very noninvasive so there is no reason for you to pay at all. Hence, if there is an app out there that asks for a payment or registration, avoid it like the plague because there are so many better options that you can go for, such as Mobdro which is widely acclaimed as being the best of the best.