Different Types of Mattresses You Should Know About

The days of owning a single type of mattress are gone, if you now enter the market for mattresses you will realize how many different kinds of mattresses are there.

Of course you need to determine which one works for you and then buy one according to it and that is why we will put more emphasis on the research bit than anything. Mattresses are not cheap, let’s just face that fact and then carefully look through different kinds of mattresses before you go on and purchase on. Following are some of the IKEA king size mattress and their types that you should know about before you make the purchase, check them out below.

Innerspring Mattress

One of the most commonly bought and sold mattresses in today’s era include innerspring mattresses, they tend to have metal coils embedded in them. However, even these mattresses have quite a few variety based on the brand you are buying it from, they will switch up the kind of metal used in making the coils or the alignment of the coils and their prices depend on these factors.

Memory Foam Mattress

The interesting thing about memory foam is that it was basically an experimental project by NASA and once it kicked off they commercialized it and now a bunch of different mattress companies have been selling memory foam mattresses. Although expensive, these mattresses tend to take shape of the person lying on top of the mattress and all of this is done to get maximum comfort out of it and ever since their conception they are now more commonly available to us in the market but again, as we mentioned before they are quite expensive but worth purchasing because you will not get this much comfort anywhere else.