Just Get Out

Manipulation to sow the seeds that bloom in a way that leaves you questioning everything you know about yourself and the way around you, this kind of manipulation could be gaslighting and learning the signs of it early is best before you find yourself spiralling down a long road over the years that are to come. Gaslighting in relationships: 7 signs + how to put out the flame is something you might learn of when it’s far too late as gaslighting in itself can take months or even years to do. It’s a long and slippery slope that can lead you to depression.

It’s not just romantic relationships where this could happen but it is the most severe in those scenarios. One of the signs that gaslighting may be occurring is that the abuser is denying the occurrences of any certain event and remembering them clearly differently. Yet with some persistent charisma, they might convince you that you are in fact the person who is remember the event clearly. Slowly, with denial and lies they leave you on your knees where you question everything you have ever come to know as true and false thereby destroying your sense of self and your confidence.

Your gut tells you something is right and that you are correct in whatever you think yet you find yourself seeking another person’s affirmation regardless. You might just be told that you’re being too sensitive about things in which you just about have every right to be sensitive but you’re being told you are going far too overboard. All of these and more make up the act that is known as gaslighting. The end goal is to destroy who you are as a person so that you become a hollow shell of a human.