LED Signs: The Ups And Downs

When people mention illuminated signs, a lot of us automatically end up thinking old-school Hollywood, diners and warm neon lights. However, at the same time, we also know that those aren’t the only type of illuminated signs, in fact, neon signs have been reduced immensely reduced in usage nowadays.

The most widely used type of illuminated signs are in fact LED signs. So, if you are considering getting an illuminated sign, you should get LED signs. We will still discuss the pros and cons of LED signs to help give you a better idea as well.

• LED signs are longer lasting. Their bulb life can go upto a 100,000 hours.
• They are very durable, so you know they won’t be damaged or affected as easily.
• They have a high light output, but at the same time, a low voltage input, so you end up saving up on your electricity bill.
• Unlike neon signs, they do not have any harmful filling like mercury in them, so you don’t end up releasing any damaging substance into the environment every time you use them.
• They are available in a variety of different colors which you can program to change every day, vary in intensity, and even add animations to. So, you get a lot of variety and a lot of customizability as well.

• LED signs are understandably a lot more expensive than neon lights upfront. However, in the long run, the investment does pay off.
• If you choose LED light signs that have a higher wattage, they will tend to overheat and will need some cool down time.
• You need to make sure that you pick a renowned brand, company to make your LED sign. In fact, you can check out LED signs in Perth by Kingman Visual for a better idea.