Luxury Passenger Buses

Passenger buses are a great means of transportation when a large number of people want to go somewhere together, you can have a passenger bus rented out from almost anywhere in Texas, but not every rental service can provide a ride that is comfortable and stress free. R&R Limousine and Bus has stood out from the rest of the crowd ever since it came in the market thirteen years ago, the reason behind this being that this company deals in vehicles that offer luxury and style. R&R has a diverse fleet of cars, buses and limousines at its disposal, each of which is regularly serviced and maintained to ensure smooth rides for every customer.

The company has buses for rental that are built to provide their passengers with comfort throughout any trip, making them great for long road trips, for transporting guests to a wedding and for occasions such as wine tours. Their motor coaches can hold up to 56 people and provide them with features such as over-sized windows, comfortable and spacious seating and restrooms as well. Their motor coaches look pretty much like normal large sized buses, but their mini passenger buses have a much more fancier look and also provide more luxurious features.

R&R’s passenger minis can accommodate 23 to 31 people and provide them with audio/video entertainment, reclining leather seats and an over-sized walkway to make moving around the bus comfortable. All of their vehicles are driven by trained professionals and have safety measures in place, you can check for availability and reservation on their website and get in touch with their personnel to get further details. R&R has become the best rental company in Austin thanks to its dedication towards keeping its customers happy by providing them with superb options for comfortable rentable vehciles.