Maintenance of Important Parts of Your House

Have you just bought a house or are getting your own built and are worried about maintaining it so that you can preserve it perfectly? Nobody wants their house deteriorating as not only does it look bad but major renovations after neglect of a house costs way more than it simple maintenance would cost. We have noticed one thing that people who get their house constructed from scratch take care of the house more than people who just buy a house off the market though this should not be the case because a home should be taken care of as it is one of the most personal possessions of a person.

If you are getting your home built from Icon home builders then you can ask them about maintenance tips or just read through this article as we will be providing information regarding maintenance of a house. We will be focusing on the parts of a house that you should look after as those are the most sensitive ones and require the most maintenance so let us begin.


You might think that windows would not be such a critical part but they are because they are a way of entrance to your house and they are also a part of the exterior. We would recommend that you keep an eye on the windows for cracks or splinters in the frame and immediately get them fixed if you detect a problem.


Gutters should be lightly cleaned every clean but a thorough cleaning should be done twice a month because if they do get blocked then the result would be nasty and obviously it would cost you money to get the problem fixed. The monthly cleaning should keep you informed about any upcoming problems.