Making Pallet Furniture

Not a lot of people know about all the different decoration pieces and furniture items that you can make or get made from wooden pallets. Since pallets are mostly just thick pieces of wood that resemble a futon for large shipping material most people do not really see the potential beauty and class that can come from furniture made out of it. Whatever type of furniture you do get or make out of pallets you will always have the added option of using paint, varnish, polish or anything else to give the wood a classier, sleeker, more elegant look, or you could keep it the way it is and have yourself a more rustic looking piece of furniture.

Regardless you can do a lot with pallets and in today’s article we will be discussing how we can make tables out of old used pallets and how different designs can give it different functions. Also if you happen to be someone who likes the idea of pallet furniture but aren’t really too handy or big on doing Do – it – yourself projects then you can always find pallet furniture by Pallet West by going to their website, at, and placing an order for some pallet furniture from their huge collection.

Now depending on if you want a coffee table or a regular table, buy either one or two pallets and then begin work on that. Since coffee tables are generally shorter one pallet should be able to do the trick for them. You can begin by adding wheels to the bottom at each corner of the pallet, or use wooden blocks are legs. Next you will need a glass pane as big as the pallet and have it fixed on top of it. A bit or design work and your coffee table is ready.