Taking Care of Your Aquarium

When people talk about high maintenance pets, they will usually refer to our typical household cats and dogs which isn’t exactly wrong. There are walks, countless vet visits, vaccinations and play needs that need to be met. However, if you mention fishes, most people will just shrug and say that there isn’t really much to taking care of fishes because all you have to do is feed them and change their water.

However, if you are planning to own an aquarium, let me tell you that this is pretty far from the truth. There are a lot of details you need to pay attention to when you are handling fishes in an aquarium, some of which we will be talking about below.

  • Always refrain from overcrowding your aquarium. Consult an expert or someone more experienced with aquariums to learn how many fishes is enough given the size of your aquarium, because when you overcrowd your aquarium, the oxygen level is depleted and your filter stops working efficiently.
  • You need to acclimate your fish. So, keeping the kind of fish that inhabit your aquarium, consult an expert in order to learn what the parameters of your aquarium should be. This includes the pH level, ammonia level and other water chemicals.
  • Make sure the nitrate levels in your aquarium is suitable for your fish and how to reduce nitrate levels in aquarium as well.
  • You cannot just add regular tap water into your aquarium and be done with it. There is a delicate water chemistry that needs to be maintained in order for fish to be able to thrive. Get a biological aquarium supplement from your local pet stores and find out what else you can do to condition the water.
  • Pay attention to any algae growth in your aquarium and take care of it immediately in order to avoid oxygen depletion.