The Day is Setting

It has been a while since you had a nice glass of wine. Perth has plenty of local small bars for you to indulge yourself but one that sticks out is Gramercy’s Bar & Kitchen. For one thing, not just your glass of wine but maybe some ale that has been produced locally or classy and savoury cocktail or two. The search is finally over for you. Located at central park and in the same building that was once home to the famous Ecucina restaurant, Gramercy’s Bar & Kitchen now resides. Having been one of the most popular locations throughout Western Australia, it’s hard to pass up an opportunity that not only has a gorgeous view, but also some historical significance in terms of its location.

You can enjoy a brand-new arrangement where you can enjoy anything from full-blown deliciously scrumptious gourmet meals to light snacks with a few drinks all within a fairly informal atmosphere. The staff there are well trained and you’ll always feel at home and welcomed over there. A great place in itself to celebrate closing some big business deals or even when you’re still negotiating over them. People are much more receptive when they have classics like a slow braised pork belly to commune over and you’ll find it’s easier to get your clients to open up as well.

If you want to spent the night out with your friends in the city, drop on by this fine establishment that has a large stock of ale, wines that are accompanied with delicious food. You’ll may even come to love the place as a second home. If you want to find out a bit more about this great pit-stop than you can head on over to their website over at to find out more.