The Modern Old Fashioned Cooking

Have you ever seen Japanese rice cakes and other treats and wondered what it would taste like? Japanese cuisine is majorly based around a slow cooking process; they use a lot of slow cookers to cook their ingredients, as they believe that the harsher flame ruins the texture and flavor of their delicate dishes.

Another thing that is important to the Japanese cooks, apart from the freshness of the ingredients, is the apparatus being used on them; they believe that the apparatus is just as important as the ingredients so they need the right device that will help them get just what they want out of the ingredients.

Sticky rice cake and the likes are very popular dishes of Japan. Things like these are made in slow rice cookers that are unbelievably versatile. They are used as steamers, cookers and a lot more. Now when we talk about rice cookers, the image that pops up in our head is a picture of a heavy duty pot with lots whistles and things popping out from the lid. These kinds of rice cookers have now become old fashioned and quite frankly too heavy to be convenient. So are we not going to be able to make those lovely treats just because our rice cookers are difficult to use now.

Thankfully this is the age of convenience and a new kind of slow cookers exists in the market now; Vitaclay organic multicooker gives us all the comforts of a slow cooker with less hassle. It is an all-round cooker, steamer and much more. If you want to make that rice cake that you saw on the commercial a few days ago then you need this cooker. It makes cooking so much easier and is a great addition to your kitchen.