When Too Much Technology Is Way Too Much

We are not rejecting the advances of technology in any sense. But we should also recognize when too much technology is way too much.

We are allowing it to consume us piece by piece, and that’s not a good thing. if you would like to learn more about this and also discuss about it with us, then you are more than free to comment right below and join the discussion, because you as our reader are a very important person for us!

The Limit Is Broken:

Technology should be used to help us solve many problems, not to consume us to the degree of losing our humanity.

We are committing a great mistake… we are letting technology dominate our lives. As superior human beings we all should pursue to be, we are allowing our own inventions to control us and that’s not a good thing.

Because if we lose our humanity… then what are we? And even if you don’t believe so, it’s happening right now and the consequences are going to be catastrophic. Because we are already seeing these negative effects, but let’s get more detailed with this issue.

Losing Our Humanity for What?

Technology is our tool, but we are allowing it to control us.

If you look around, then you will see almost all people – old and young – be totally focused on their phones. They don’t appreciate their surroundings, because they are totally dragged into the digital world.

And this cannot be a good thing, because if we are dragged till the point of being disconnected from our real world, then it’s clear that there’s something rotten.

The Damage to Human Interactions:

We have to say that being too detached from our real world is damaging our human interactions in never-seen-before levels.

People are developing more anxiety, and instead of facing the problem and trying to solve it, we are simply refuging ourselves in our little and safe digital world.

That’s never a good thing, because if we can’t interact naturally with other human beings, then we are losing a big part of what makes us human beings. And since entertainment technology became so accessible and easy to get, our human interactions have been undergoing a re-defining process.

And who can stop it? It’s nothing more than nothing less than our own selves. If we don’t stop it, then who will? It’s because we are always looking for the easy way out, the easy solution to problems, but getting rid of this problem is something that requires plenty of self-power and determination.

We should spread awareness about this problem. Because if we don’t stop technology any time soon, then we are going to destroy ourselves. And by this we mean stopping it from consuming our humanity.

We need to put a stop to this situation before it becomes too big to handle. Because if we don’t do it now, then later could be too late to do something about it.