Why Get Braces

A lot of people seem to think that braces are just things that are used to give you a better shaped smile and bite. This is not necessarily true, getting braces is a very important procedure for people who do have teeth that are crooked, or for people who might have an overbite, crowded teeth, or an under bite. If left unattended people could end with an improperly positioned jaw that could make it difficult for them to speak or chew food, or develop some form of disorders in their jaw joints, like lock jaw, in the long term. Other problems that could occur to patients who do not get braces at the correct time can include things like tooth decay, infected gums, mouth diseases, and consistent headaches, tooth aches, and ear aches throughout their lives. If you have teeth that could use braces you should definitely go to an orthodontist to get it checked out.

While a huge number of people of different age groups visit us at the South Philadelphia Orthodontic Associates, we would recommend getting your braces in your teenage years. This is the absolute best time to get your braces put in as it is a time when you and your body is growing and adjusting at a rapid rate. Getting braces at this time can lead to you getting your braces off earlier as well. Since your body can be easily adjusted and molded, your jaw and teeth’s placement can be fixed very easily during this time and long term issues can be fixed with ease. The absolute best time for a procedure such as getting braces put in is between 10 years and 15 years of age as you will still be growing at this time and your teeth can be straightened very easily.