Why You Need to Explore More

Most of us happen to pretty much share the same routine; we wake up, struggle to feed ourselves, then make the morning commute to work/college, spend at least 5-8 hours, deal with the traffic on the way back, feed ourselves, get our chores done, meet a few friends and try to squeeze in a workout session at some point during the day, and in the end we finally collapse in our beds and then repeat the same thing all over again.

By the time it’s the weekend, we end up spending it trying to rest as much as possible. Fast forward to the next 30 years where you then realize you spent your golden days without doing anything and you now have nothing to look back on. Of course I’m not asking for you to go on adventures around the world and quit your job in the process, but I am saying that you cannot spend your days the same way every single day.

When we keep going through the same monotonous routine every single day, we end up feeling lethargic and irritable. Our brain requires different kinds of stimulation in order to keep active and growing. There are a lot of new experiences we don’t indulge simply because they are outside our “comfort zone.” These adventures don’t have to be lavish or unrealistic, you work within your budget but you make the most of it. The weekend is the best time to try out all kinds of things. You can go hiking or camping. If you’re surrounded by a body of water, you can try swimming, boating or even paddle boarding etc. There is a lot to see in this world, and life goes by quicker than you think, so make the most of it. In case you happen to be interested in paddle boarding, you can look up reviews on the best stand paddle boards in 2017 for a better idea.