Why You Should Adopt Pets

We all know of prized dog shows where people stroll around their pedigree dogs from the best breeders and show off certificates guaranteeing their purity, and taking immense pride in it. A lot of people end up paying hundreds of dollars to breeders to get a dog of a certain breed. Similarly, we also know that that most people that go to pet stores or even shelters end up picking up pure breeds rather than mixed breeds. The same principle applies with cats and most other pets, we tend to assume that pure breed ones are cuter and ultimately, better. However, we don’t realize that we’re causing more and more trouble here.

The first problem starts with breeders, the conditions in which the animals are put in by these breeders are dismal. They aren’t fed properly enough, are basically forced to consistently reproduce and ultimately get traumatized overtime. You can learn more about how breeders and breeding is a problem by looking it up online.

Next, comes the fact that a lot of purebred animals are actually more susceptible to different diseases and illnesses. For example, pugs are more susceptible to developing breathing problems while golden retrievers are more susceptible to joint pains and certain types of cancers etc. So, really you just end up perpetuating this.

Lastly, there are a lot of other deserving animals at the shelters in need of a loving home. These animals that are neglected are put down if they surpass a certain time period without getting picked up as well. All these animals need is a checkup by a veterinarian, a stable home environment, and some time and patience. The love you give to these animals will always be returned to you tenfold, so don’t hesitate to go to your local shelter now.